Teachers & Students Prizes

Naama Grinshpon Award

A new prize fund was founded to commemorate the contribution of Naama Grinshpon both as a teacher and educator of many generations of students to the love of science in general and chemistry in particular, and as a teacher instructor in the Haifa district who supported teachers in all phases of their work and promoted innovative teaching methods. For many years, Naama was also engaged in teacher training in the Department of Technology and Science Teaching at the Technion. Many of her students chose to work as researchers in chemistry/medicine departments in institutions of higher education and many of the teachers who trained are still serving as chemistry teachers throughout the country. Everyone remembers her as a great educator. The prize will be awarded once a year in a ceremony held in collaboration with the supervision of the teaching of chemistry and the National Center for Chemistry Teachers.

Dr. Vera Mandler Award

Dr. Vera Mandler Award Fund In 5644, the Mandler family founded an award fund for an outstanding chemistry teacher named after the late Dr. Vera Mandler. Through the award we wish to perpetuate the memory of Vera, who was a chemistry teacher in schools for many years high schools in Israel and a researcher in the Department of Science Teaching at the Weizmann Institute of Science, and has contributed greatly to the development of the subject of chemistry among teachers and students alike. Information about the award, including the award regulations and submission guidelines for candidates. Recommendations for award candidates should be sent to Prof. Danny Mandler, Institute of Chemistry, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 91904, Email: The deadline for submitting candidates is 12.11.2013. The awarding will take place on the day of the annual national conference of chemistry teachers.