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Everything you wanted to know about chemistry in high school:
Students can choose to study chemistry as part of studying elective subjects, at a normal level of 3 study units or at an increased level of 5 study units. About 600 teachers are active in the education system preparing the students to pass the matriculation exams. In approximately 450 high schools, students choose to take the matriculation exam in the subject. In the academic year 2015, about 9500 students were tested at the level of 3 study units and about 6900 were tested at 2 additional study units and completed to 5 study units.

The National Center of Chemistry Teachers in Israel

The National Center of Chemistry Teachers in Israel operates under the academic responsibility of the Chemistry Group, the Science Teaching Department at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Head of the center: Dr. Rachel Mamlok-Naaman
Counseling and academic responsibility: Prof. Avi Hofstein
Center staff (according to AB): Sarah Akons, Dr. Ron Blonder, Ziva Bar-Dev, Dr. Shelly Livna, Dr. Mira Kipnis, Dr. Deborah Katsitz, Dr. Yael Shurtz.

Davidson Institute for Science Education

The Davidson Institute for Science Education is a leading organization in the cultivation of scientific-technological education in Israel. The institute initiates, organizes and operates a wide spectrum of educational programs for students, teachers and the general public, in order to make the front of science accessible to all and to influence the education system and society. The overarching goal of the Davidson Institute is to instill knowledge, learning and research skills and a scientific approach.

Department of Science Teaching, Midrash Feinberg

Midrash Feinberg, through the science teaching department, offers a unique curriculum for a teaching certificate in science, mathematics and computer science for grades 7-12. The certificate is recognized by the Ministry of Education in Israel. The goal is to allow the midrash students and graduates, as well as the post-doctorate students at the institute, to train themselves as leading teachers in the education system.

The Chemistry Group in the Department of Technology and Science Teaching at the Technion

The chemistry group in the Department of Technology and Science Teaching at the Technion is engaged in the training of chemistry teaching staff, and in guiding research students for master’s and master’s degrees in the fields of teaching chemistry, with an emphasis on visualization. The group’s activity is integrated into diagnostic and applied research work in the field of learning in the development of advanced learning environments in combination with innovative methods and means for teaching and assessment. The members of the group are active in professional committees for making decisions about study programs in Israel and are involved in the development, implementation and evaluation of advanced and innovative learning materials that have been implemented for several years in the education system in Israel.