The Tenne Family Prize for Nano Scale Sciences

The Tenne Family Prize for Nano Scale Sciences

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Prof. Fernando Patolsky
Tel Aviv University

For pioneering the synthesis and assembly of semiconductor nanostructures and for applying them in ultrasensitive nanoscale chemical and biochemical sensors.

Prof. Adi Salomon

Bar-Ilan University


For her pioneering works on nanoporous metallic networks and the interaction of light with hybrid nanoscale metal-molecule systems.

Prof. Daniel Mandler

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


For his contributions to electrochemistry at the nanoscale in microscopy, coatings and sensing.

Prof. Gil Markovich

Tel Aviv University


For his contributions to the study of metal to insulator transitions in nanocrystals and to research of chirality at the nanoscale.

Prof. Meital Reches

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


For her contributions to basic and applied research of peptide nanotechnology, including the development of novel nanostructures and their utilization for anti-fouling applications.

Prof. Ernesto Joselevich

Weizmann Institute of Science

For his work on synthesis, organization and characterization of one-dimensional nanostructures, and for their integration into functional nano-systems.

Prof. Taleb Mokari

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

For his discoveries of novel synthetic approaches of high quality semiconductor nano-crystals, hybrid nanoparticles and nanowires

Prof. Efrat Lifshitz

The Shculich Chemistry faculty, Technion

For her pioneering work in the synthesis and characterization of nanoscale semiconductors and magnetic materials, and for the development and application of advanced magneto-optical methodologies for the study of theproperties of tailor-made nano-scale materials.

Prof. Hussam Haik

Chemical Engineering, Technion

For his scientific innovation and creative development of nanotechnology-based sensors and diagnostic tools, which have a profound impact as a new approach to non-invasive disease detection.

Prof. Uri Banin

The Center for Nano Science and Nano-technology of the Hebrew University

For his development of new types of semiconductor and hybrid semiconductor-metal nanocrystals.

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