since 1933

The Electrochemistry Section

The Israel Electrochemical Society (ISEL-ICS)

was “re-founded” in 2020, following its becoming a section of the Israel Chemical Society (ICS) in 2019. The ISEL-ICS builds an interdisciplinary bridge between chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, medicine, and engineering by organizing and fostering the interaction between electrochemists in academia and industry. ISEL is an independent association devoted to the education, research, and development of electrochemistry through websites, meetings, and workshops.

The Society’s aims

  • Promoting electrochemical education and involvement of new researches.
  • Appreciation of achievements of Israeli and international electrochemists and encouraging a new generation of electrochemists.
  • Holding symposia and annual scientific meetings.
  • Stimulating symposia on new vistas in electrochemistry research.
  • Conducting workshops on progress in instrumental electrochemical analysis.
  • Presentation of the association at the ECS, ISE, and related international bodies.

Board Members

Prof. Dina Golodnitsky, President, Tel-Aviv University
Prof. Alex Shechter, Vice-President, Ariel University
Prof. Daniel Mandler, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof. Malachi Noked, Treasurer, Bar-Ilan University
Dr. Hadar Ben-Yoav, Dissemination Officer, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Dr. Michal Leskes, Executive Secretary, Weizmann Institute
Dr. David Eizenberg, Treasurer, Technion
Dr. Galit Zilberman, Responsible for liaison with industry, Elbit Systems Ltd.