The ICS-Dalia Cheshnovski Prize for Excellence in Chemistry Teaching

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Eng. Mirit Kramer

Ort Kramim high school, Carmiel



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Dr. Shulamit Etzioni

Galim youth village, Kfar Galim



Ms. Miriam Gellerman

Kalai High school, Givatayim
על‭ ‬מפעל‭ ‬חיים‭ ‬של‭ ‬50‭ ‬שנות‭ ‬הוראה‭ ‬בכימיה‭, ‬על‭ ‬מקצועיות‭, ‬מסירות‭ ‬ויצירתיות‭, ‬הטמעת‭ ‬שיטות‭ ‬הוראה‭ ‬חדשות‭ ‬ופדגוגיה‭ ‬חדשנית‭, ‬הענקת‭ ‬תשומת‭ ‬לב‭ ‬לכל‭ ‬תלמיד‭, ‬בכל‭ ‬שעה‭, ‬בסבלנות‭ ‬רבה‭ ‬ובנועם‭ ‬הליכות‭.‬

Mr. Yigal Linkovsky

Ben-Zvi High School, Kiryat Ono
פרס המורה הצעיר עבור‭ ‬מסירות‭ ‬רבה‭, ‬מקצועיות‭, ‬מקוריות‭ ‬ויצירתיות‭ ‬בגיוון‭ ‬הוראת‭ ‬הכימיה‭, ‬יצירת‭ ‬סביבה‭ ‬ייחודית‭ ‬ומעניינת‭ ‬לתלמידים‭, ‬פעילות‭ ‬מעבר‭ ‬לשעות‭ ‬ההוראה‭ ‬בכיתה‭ ‬והגברת‭ ‬הביקוש‭ ‬למגמת‭ ‬הכימיה‭ ‬בבית‭ ‬הספר‭.‬

Ms. Orna Dagan

Makif Izhak Reger, Beer Sheva
פרס החברה הישראלית לכימיה להצטיינות בהוראה על הישגיה בהוראה מעמיקה ויסודית בתחום הכימיה וכמובילה חדשנות בהוראה, בקהילת המורים ובבית הספר.

Ms. Dafna Halevy

Shoham High School and Chemistry Online
פרס החברה הישראלית לכימיה להצטיינות בהוראה על הצטיינות בהוראת הכימיה, על מציאת דרכים לשילוב מגוון אוכלוסיות בלימודי הכימיה ועל הוראת הכימיה בתיכון הווירטואלי בכימיה, "כימיה ברשת".

Ms. Tovi Hojman

Merhavim High School
פרס החברה הישראלית לכימיה להצטיינות בהוראה על הישגיה בהוראה מעמיקה ויסודית בתחום הכימיה וכמובילה חדשנות בהוראה, בקהילת המורים ובבית הספר.

Ms. Cintia Gilam

Herzog High School, Kfar Saba
פרס המורה הצעירה על הצטיינות בהוראת הכימיה, על שילוב ידע נרחב עם ערכים ושיטות לימוד מגוונות, על קירוב תלמידיה לאהבת הכימיה ועל הגדלת מספר תלמידי הכימיה.

David Altshulin

Kadoorie Agricultural High School
For his unique approach to his pupils and for excellence in teaching at various programs including chemistry and technological routes.

Jedida Gottlieb

Blich High School, Ramat Gan
For training generations of chemistry teachers and for using innovative methods in chemistry teaching.

Ruth Adler

Hadassim High School Even Yehuda and Kfar Batya School - Science & Technology Ra'anana
For her diverse contributions to chemistry teaching and for attracting many pupils highly motivated by the desire to trigger scientific curiosity and love for chemistry.

Alla Zilberman

'Hakfar Hayarok' school, named after Levi Eshkol
Alla established the chemistry course in 'Hakfar Hayarok'. To this day, she nurtures the love for chemistry in her students and continues to drive them to excellence in every day life.

Keren Mende-Peretz

Roterberg High School, Ramat Hasharon


Keren brings with her a young, vigorous, creative, optimistic and professional spirit. her magic and love for chemistry is spread across her classroom and fills her students with inspiration as well as knowledge.

Shai Shahar

Hebrew Reali, Haifa and Open University


Shai is teaching out of a sense of mission. He always keeps up-to-date material and creates interesting teaching topics that are suited especially for his students. Shai incourages his students to enroll in conferences and present their paper in front of other students.

Dr. Dorota Cherky

Ehad Ha-am High School, Petah-Tikva, and Open University, 2015

She began her teaching career at the chemistry school in Tel-Aviv university, educator of chemistry in the nursing school and in the university preparatory. In 1991 she began to teach at Ehad-Ha'am in Petah-Tiqua.

Michael Koifman

Ort Psagot High school, Karmiel


Michael began his way as a teacher in Moldova and continues it now in Ort-Psagot. In recent years he's developing teaching material for chemistry and biology students in the Museum of Science, Madatek, Haifa.

Yonat Shamai

Aviv High School, Ra'anana

Yonat is a very dedicated teacher and she never gives up on any student. She leads her pupils to excellence and enrolls them in field trips at the Weizmann institute and the different industries in order to broaden their horizons.

Dafna Shellem

The Hebrew Reali School

​She began her professional way in the food industry and later became a teacher in 1995. Ever since 200 she is the teacher and chemistry coordinator at the Hebrew-Reali school in Haifa.

Anat Feldenkrize

Qiryat Hinuch Dror, Lev Hasharon Regional Council

She began her way in the chemical industry and several years later became a high-school teacher. 15 years ago she established the chemistry curriculum in Dror High School.

Eran Shmuel

Rotberg High School, Ramat Hasharon

Although he only teaches Chemistry for 5 years, he was able to make great change in the chemistry curriculum in Rotberg High.

Chani Elisha

S"Y Agnon School, Nethanya

Graduate of the Biotechnology and food engineering at the Technion, she began her path at the food industry and later established the chemistry curriculum at Shai Agnon High in Natanya

Boaz Hadas

Shimon Ben-Zvi High School, Givatai'im

Boaz goes out of his way for every student and arranges local conferences all over the country. He was able to deeply impact the motivation of his pupils to continue in chemistry.

Esther Berkoviz

Eylon High School, Holon

She is an outstanding, creative and beloved teacher, leading her students to excellence in Chemistry.

Elisheva Geva

Misgav secondary school and Tefen School

Elisheva is the pillar of science in both the schools she teaches. She inspires her students and creates excellent connections with them.

Maayan Yefet

Fishman School, Tirat Hacarmel

Mayan teaches the students with love and beyond the regular hours. She encourages them to exellence and in 3 years doubled the number of students in Chemistry at her school.

Adina Sheinfeld

Ort School, Qiryat Motzkin


Nurit Dekalo

Yarkon High School, Neve Yarak

Excellent Young Teacher

Suzana David

Wizo Hadassim High School

Excellent Teacher

Afrah Assi

Jaljulia High School

Young Excellent Scientist

Otilia Rozenberg

Rishonim High School, Herzeliya

Excellent Teacher

Dr. Dalia Cheshnovski

Osttrovsky High School, Ra'anana

Excellent Teacher

Dr. Dvora Ya'acobi

Hamda school for the sciences, Tel-Aviv

Excellent Teacher

Ruth Shtanger

Ironi Gimel High School, Haifa

Excellent Teacher

Dalit Avigad

Caduri High School

Excellent Teacher

Ilana Zohar

Mey Boyer High School, Jerusalem

Excellent Teacher

Ruth Laplar

Ironi Hei High School, Haifa

Excellent Teacher

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