ICE Issue 9

Table of Contents 3
Editorials 4
Letter from the Editor 4
Letter from President of ICS 5
Scientific Articles 6
Low-frequency Raman spectroscopy – a versatile technique for material characterization and detection 6
Novel molecular architectures for “multicolor” magnetic resonance imaging 15
History of Chemistry Article 24
César Milstein (1927-2002) and monoclonal antibodies: Father of modern immunology 24
The story of a chess set – a scientific detective story for Holocaust Remembrance Day 29
Shimon Vega in the eyes of his students and postdocs 34
Profile 44
Interviewwith Leeor Kronik 44
Reports 46
Agency, advocacy, and attention: A Tale of encouraging women into careers in the chemical sciences 46
Report on the 86th Annual Meeting of the Israel Chemical Society Ehud Keinan 49